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The Effect of Online Learning on your Child: You need to Know This

25 September 2020

Dhruv's mother just finished explaining to his teacher that he was unable to attend class yesterday due to issues with internet connectivity. She also tried to convince the teacher to give him an extra day to finish the assignments allotted that day. The teacher understood that, like many of her students, Dhruv too has been struggling to adapt to the new form of learning. As someone who is always excited about classes, the recent reluctance to attend online classes on Dhruv's part was a cause of concern for his parents and teachers. 

Although the newer generation is more internet savvy, there are certain limitations of e-learning. Dhruv was used to studying amongst peers and in a familiar environment that promoted learning. An active student in the classroom, his participation and willingness to answer during class went down when studying online. The lack of one-on-one interaction with his teachers also left him with more doubts, and he struggled to finish his schoolwork.

Most parents with kids in school would agree that their kids are facing the similar issue as Dhruv. The recent pandemic has forced kids to move out of their familiar learning zones like a classroom to a setup that is the stark opposite of what they were used to. Most parents and instructors are working hard to ensure that this transition to a new way of learning is as comfortable as possible for the students. Online learning comes with its challenges that can impact the children to a great extent.

Impact of Online Classes on Children 

Loss of motivation and a sense of self-discipline needed to study online are some of the major struggles that children face. A school classroom provides a structure and an environment of effective learning which learning at home lacks. This ensures a cycle for students struggling to finish their assignments, leading to a lack of motivation and lower goals for themselves.

In addition to that, a classroom and interaction with peers are very important in the school years. It provides students with a neutral environment for social interactions that aids in developing skills like setting boundaries, learning cooperation, and empathy. These skills are extremely important for building social relationships as a child but also as an adult.

Online Classes: The Need of the Hour

The impact of online classes can be a cause of concern for many parents. But with the right support system, these students can easily overcome the challenges posed by online learning. While the situation is very worrying, it is what the current situation calls for. 

It seems to be a difficult task to reopen schools in the near future and pausing it due to the pandemic can also cause severe repercussions. Online classes have brought a sense of normalcy in these otherwise uncertain times and have given students a way to use their time productively. 

The continuation of education during these trying times is a relief for parents who are worried about their child's future. But with the right planning and support system, they can ensure that their child can adjust to the changing environment and their education is secure even during difficult times.

Parents today are more worried about their children's educational future than ever. It is always wise to plan for the future of your kids and that too in these times of uncertainty. By using the following Child Education Calculator, you can easily figure out the amount that you need to set aside for a bright future of your child.


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