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Steps to Cope Up Even If You Lose Your Job Post Pandemic

22 September 2020

Effects on the Job Sector

During this pandemic, most of the people lost their jobs. The job sector may include tech companies, insurance companies, e-Commerce, etc. The effects on various job sectors are 

  • Tech

Due to the COVID19 outbreak, tech companies have a mixed effect on jobs. Since technical workers can opt for the work from home policy, many companies have closed their workplaces and offices. At the same time, the delays and cancellation of projects due to COVID19 has forced companies to release a large number of workforce.

  • Sales and Marketing

Sales and marketing are one of the worst-hit sectors due to the pandemic. Since social distancing is the utmost important norm to follow to avoid the spread of the virus, direct sells are almost on halt. However, businesses are opting for digital marketing as its alternate, online marketing will see unprecedented growth in the coming months' post-pandemic.  

  • Insurance and Loan

The COVID19 outbreak may end up by the rise in demand for certain insurance and loan types. Due to the COVID19 impact, there is a high demand for medical and life insurance. Also, since many startups are currently facing financial issues, they are dependent on business loans.

  • Sports And Entertainment

COVID19 made it very difficult for people to step out of their homes, so there is a considerable decrease in the sports and entertainment industries. Many movie premieres are postponed, and sports events are canceled. Also, many people had lost their jobs in this sector too.

Various Job Options

  • Work From Home

Working from home is going to be one of the safest and the most sought after option post-pandemic; this may include online sales and marketing, teaching, technical, and several other opportunities.

  • Investing

As markets have almost bottomed out, investing is one of the lucrative options right now. As the situation normalizes and economic activities start, one can expect some good returns in the near future.  

  • Freelancing

This pandemic has forced many to lose jobs and new openings are almost negligible. In this situation, freelancing can be a good alternative to sustain your financial needs. The most prominent thing in the case of freelancing is skills, as it can aid you in getting work proposals and clients easily.   


People might be facing problems in seeking job opportunities during the pandemic, but there are a number of options that they can opt for If you have knowledge of share markets, Investing can be a fruitful and easiest way to cope up with the job lose post-pandemic. If you are juggling around questions like what is the minimum amount to start investing with and how much can I make after a certain time period; you can do all mathematics using the Wealth Builder Calculator relates to saving, investment, and ROI.


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