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Making Sure Your Child is Not Burned Out by Online Learning - A Unique Perspective

25 September 2020

The recent coronavirus pandemic has shaken the world to its very core. From several changes on the work front to learning how to deal with the constantly changing dynamics of life, the challenges are endless. 

The hours spent at home without contact with the social world has been stressful. The conversations around being physically and mentally healthy are frequent. The constant state of stress can lead to eventual burnout, not only in adults but children as well.

Children too, have experienced sudden changes in their lives that they are not mature enough to experience. Changes like online schooling are something new that the children have to adjust to during these times. These changes can cause enormous stress in children which can lead to burnout if not managed in time.

Burnout Due to Online Classes What are the signs to look for

There has been no routine in place due to the recent lockdown. This can cause feelings of demotivation in children to do schoolwork. Online schooling is also very different from normal schooling, and children need more time to adjust to the new demands of online classes.

Online classes demand more motivation and concentration. Proper support from parents and teachers can help students adjust to these changing demands better. But if they do not get used to the changes on time, it can be quite stressful and lead to burnout.

Signs of burnout in children caused due to online classes include lack of energy all the time despite getting enough rest, lack of motivation to attend classes or do their homework, and loss of confidence when speaking in class.

Other symptoms that your child may be burned out due to online classes include nail biting, headaches, complaints of muscle ache, increased irritability, reduced or increased appetite, inability to concentrate in class, and loss of interest in hobbies or things that they used to enjoy.

Managing stress in children at an early stage can stop it from turning into burnout.

Normal Burnout V/S Burnout by Online Classes: What Is Different?

The burnout caused by online classes these days is due to the sudden change that disrupts normalcy. On the other hand, normal burnout is usually caused due to unmanageable workload and unclear goals. This type of burnout is usually experienced on jobs when people feel overwhelming exhaustion on the job. The common causes of workplace stress are unreasonable time pressures, poor time management, and improper communication between colleagues or managers, to name a few.

Normal burnout can be eased through proper planning and avoiding stressors. Children recovering from burnout caused due to online classes require constant support and aid from teachers and parents. This constant aid can help them successfully recover from burnout and be their usual self.

It is difficult for parents to see their children struggling to adapt to the new normal. Parents are trying to find ways in which they can support their children. One of the best ways that parents can ensure long time support children is by securing their educational future. They can do so by using Kotak’s very own child education calculator that helps them understand how much they need to invest today to secure their child’s educational goals in the future.

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