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Educational Opening Post Pandemic: What Doors will Open Up?

25 September 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we live. Unexpected events happen every day which are challenging, but everyone is adjusting themselves and fighting back to conquer them. Careers and jobs are one of the fields that have been the most affected, but the silver lining is that it has rendered many people to explore some unique fields which were not paid attention to earlier.

The unforeseen circumstances due to COVID19 and lockdown that followed, has forced schools to opt for alternate ways of education. People are also worried about their children’s future. This goes similar for jobs as well. In this crisis, the spotlight is on public service jobs like doctors, nurses, and police, as well as on unconventional fields of study. It has become noticeable that there is a lack of experienced professionals and thus, many want to pursue such fields like the below ones to make a mark and provide help.

The Start of Something New

  • Behavioural and Mental Health Professionals

The effect of the pandemic has been quite noticeable on everyone. Before the COVID19 situation, if you wanted to have a break, you could go to a restaurant or take a hike in the mountains, meet your friends or have a party. But, none of that is possible now. The restriction of going out has increased stress and is taking a toll on mental and physical health.

During such critical times, getting help from professionals is one of the best forms of therapy. Getting help from experts is important as this negative feeling transforms your behaviour, thinking, daily life, and the relationship with your family. You need people to understand what you feel, vent out your anger, and feel relaxed. These professionals not only listen to you but provide life-saving lessons that help you feel better and tackle this situation with comfort.

  • Pharmacology

The world of pharmacology is wide. Presently, everyone is in the race of finding the vaccine to cure this virus. It is a broad field of study that includes the knowledge of drugs, chemistry, physiology, toxicology, etc, and handles the effect of those chemical compounds on the body.

If you want to specialize further, there are further fields to explore in it like Biological Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Neuropharmacology, Therapeutics Pharmacology, Drug Disposition, and Drug Metabolism, etc.

  • Biostatisticians

Fighting such a notorious virus will take an army of doctors, nurses, and experts like biostatisticians. Combining the present data gathered with mathematical modelling provides statistical results that would help understanding it further, which is what these experts do. As an expert, you would also be able to know about such health crises earlier and help in taking precautions for the same.

Some other such disciplines include bioinformatics, immunology, stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine, nanomedicine, environmental health experts, etc.


These were some of the newly emerging and in-demand study areas which are being explored by students. Although there will be job opportunity in the future, education is a mush have a prerequisite to land a job. As a parent, the best gift that you can give to your children is quality education. Secure your child’s future by planning for their education using the following Child Education Calculator or, you can also approach your financial advisor to help you out in it.  


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