21ST MAY 2018

Now that you are well and truly in your “middle age”, you must be feeling some regret of not doing things that you wanted to do when you were younger. Well, there is no need to despair. There are still many things you can do even at this age. Follow this checklist and start ticking off the things you want to do before you die.

1. You must travel to new places on the outskirts of your city at least twice every month.

2. Make a small goal ever month, like feeding a deserving person or visiting an old age home and accomplish it without fail.

3. Plan a vacation at resorts which are friendly for person of your age. You will meet new people and make new friends.

4. Surprise your family by learning to cook their favourite dishes. Even if you have to pay a small ransom to learn cooking from an expert, go ahead and spend the amount.

5. If you have small area in your house where you can do some gardening, you will benefit from the therapeutic benefits of this wonderful hobby. The thought of spending for soil, seeds, agricultural implements should not hold you back. 

6. Join an NGO and discover the “non-profit” side of life. You have the power of changing lives and you must use it to make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

7. Have you ever imagined yourself speaking a foreign language? This is the best time to turn that imagination into reality! It is not necessary to learn a foreign language, you could also learn a language from another state of your country.

8. Start a people’s movement in a cause you passionately believe in. It could be something to do with child education, hygiene, skill development and so on.

9. Discover the budding creative writer in yourself! Learn the craft of writing for different genres and satisfy your inner need for self-realisation. If your writing becomes popular, you may even end up making a small extra income on the side.

10. Start a thoroughly planned fitness plan under professional supervision. At this stage of your life, physical health is as important as financial health.

11. You must learn to play a musical instrument and train under an expert to achieve a high degree of proficiency. Music will bring a new dimension to your life and help you discover your creative side.

12. Fulfil at least one big wish of your parents. Remember, they are not going to be with you for a lifetime. 

13. Running a marathon will inspire you to believe in things that you thought were impossible to achieve.

14. If you love driving, you must surely plan a road trip with your family or friends. Nothing like driving down the highway while reliving your childhood memories with old friends. 

15. If you harbour a passion for speaking out your thoughts to a large audience, you must train yourself in the art of public speaking. Who knows, your motivating words may change the lives of individuals.

16. Do not measure all returns only in financial terms. To ‘earn’ a social ROI, start supporting the education of an under-privileged child. 

17. Like you, other persons would also have one wish or goal which they want to achieve, but do not have the financial resources to do so. You can help them financially to live their dream and bring a smile on their faces.

18. Take a sabbatical break and live in another city of India or another city abroad for a truly enriching experience.

19. Cycling is the best way to stay fit. Buy a high-end sports cycle and set on your journey of mind and body rejuvenation. 

20. They say there is no age for education. Get yourself a degree in Arts or Humanities and start teaching part-time. You will be surprised how much knowledge you can impart to those half your age.

21. If you love wildlife, you must plan to go on an African Safari for a fortnight. When you see the animals roaming freely in their habitat, you will feel at peace with yourself.

22. Buy yourself first row seats for your most favourite romantic musical in Paris! Discover your young side in the city of romance. And while you’re there, add a lock to the Lovelock Bridge.

23. Visit the “real” Santa Claus in Finland and click a selfie with him.

24. Surprise your partner with a “dinner in the sky” trip to Dubai. Enjoy the view below as you dine hundreds of feet above the ground.

25. Produce a professionally made short film featuring you and your spouse in an engaging story. This will be a legacy for your grandchildren.



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